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Title: Just Your Imagination
Author: [personal profile] shadowcat
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing/Characters: Phoebe Halliwell
Prompt: 054 - Disappearance
Rating/Category: G
Summary: When Phoebe opened her eyes to the strange surroundings, the first thing she did was reach for the person whom she was used to sharing a bed with.
Words: 1,251
Notes: This was written for this prompt table.

Just Your Imagination )
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Title: Goodbye, Mike 1/?
Author: [ profile] not_from_stars
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Milieux!verse... sorta
Character(s): Savannah Levine, Paige Matthews, Eve Levine, Piper Halliwell
Word Count: 1,104
Summary: When your best friend is also a witch, there's no telling what shape revenge might take.
Notes: This one really is the fault of the Evil Enabler... and the Dixie Chicks, too.

Goodbye, Mike 1/? )

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Title: Kidnapped 1/?
Author: [ profile] not_from_stars
Rating: PG
Fandom: Milieuxverse
Character(s): Phoebe, Cole, Anders, Piper, Paige, Savannah, Veronica, Dick, Wyatt, Isabel, Chris, Lana, Meg, Sam, and Dean
Word Count: 1,423
Summary: About to give birth to her twins, Phoebe is kidnapped from the hospital.
Notes: This is what happens when Mylia is encouraged to be cruel and evil to her muses.

Kidnapped )

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Title: Her Own Domain
Author: [ profile] koshkaphoenix
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Piper/Leo
Written For: [ profile] absolutesnark
Request: Leo helps Piper in the kitchen
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] hetfic Holiday Fic Exchange and it is extremely on the late side.

Her Own Domain )


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